paul brindley consults (pbc) is a Los Angeles based firm that specializes in assisting US and international designers and manufacturers to launch, position and accelerate in the United States apparel market.

What we do

pbc guides you into and through the United States fashion industry.

US-Australia Fashion

  • We conduct market research for designers and manufacturers to ensure there is need and demand in the US market for their labels.
  • We collect market intelligence and report on the US apparel market to designers and manufacturers, industry groups and governmental organizations.
  • We source the most appropriate US sales channels for designers and manufacturers, including independent showrooms and agents, corporate sales, wholesale distribution or licensing.
  • We provide referrals to key contacts in PR, logistics, legal, factoring, etc.
  • We consult with and advise designers and manufacturers to ensure they are export ready.
  • We report on the business of the worldwide fashion industry via our internationally read blog, “Whats Hot, What’s Not, What’s Next” – pbc Fashion Blogs

We save you the time, money and risk involved in connecting with the right people, all while you are doing what you do best – running your business.

The biggest challenge facing companies new to the US market is creating the right partnerships.  This is not something that can be done over the Internet or remotely over the phone

Imagine the time, money and effort it takes to launch your product in the US with limited knowledge of the regional markets, of the range of possible sales channels, trends, fee structures and sales specializations.   With our insider knowledge of the markets and our relationships with quality professionals within the industry, we can help facilitate and simplify the entire process.

pbc also helps you get export ready, and ensure you get your goods to market.  It is crucial to be fully aware of the requirements of the US market.  Anything that hinders you from getting your product to market on time as ordered can make the difference between success and failure in the US.  We provide detailed information and guidance on what it takes to operate in the US apparel industry.

In addition, pbc assists you by providing first quality referrals to vetted services such as:

  • the finest Public Relations & Marketing firms in Los Angeles and New York
  • industry experienced legal services
  • personalized and affordable visa processing
  • logistics, freight forwarding and fulfillment services
  • factors and asset-based lenders
  • US-based production facilities to help get you on your way.

How we do it

With over 15 years of experience and extensive national contacts in the fashion industry including with our relationships with quality sales professionals, pbc provides a short cut through the costly maze that confronts designers and manufacturers attempting to make sense of what is a competitive, complex and highly fragmented industry.

Through our consultative process:

  • We work with you to clearly define your goals and aspirations for your collection in the US. You provide us with product samples, line sheets, look-books, price lists – any resources that best represent your collection.
  • We review all the material with you to ensure we are the ultimate advocates.
  • We meet at length with the sales channel representatives and showrooms, showcase your product, obtain objective and constructive feedback, gauge the interest of the particular firm in representing you, and synthesize the feedback.
  • We assist you as you assess the shortlist of sales channels options.
  • We make recommendations on the best sales option for you.
  • We advise you through the contracting process.
  • We refer you to first quality logistics firms that ensure you get your goods to market and provide the vital back office services.

Our goal is always to settle you with the right sales representation and arm you with insider knowledge to maximize your success in the United States apparel market.

What should you do

Email, text or call us today to schedule a meeting, and get started.

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