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Las Vegas Fashion Trade Shows for Fall15: February 16-19, 2015

Two weeks ago I posted an article on my website, Full Steam Ahead for US Economy in 2015? – Just Hold Your Horses There. I am not convinced that 2015 is going to be the bumper year that the majority of the financial press has been spruiking. The article details my

Apparel News Las Vegas Roundtable: What to Expect at the Upcoming Trade Shows

Next week is the Fall 2015 round of Las Vegas fashion trade shows known ubiquitiously (and misleadingly) as MAGIC. Following is a re-post of an article from the February 5 California Apparel News that contains insights and tips from industry veterans on what they expect from the shows and how they will be approaching their

January 2015 Fashion Trade Shows – Just OK So Far

There was no waiting for the 2015 US fashion trade show circuit to get cranking. The first Monday of the year saw Agenda hit the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA on  January 5 & 6. Agenda Long Beach is an easy one for me as I live about 2 miles up Ocean

Las Vegas Fashion Trade Shows Spring/Summer 2014 Review – August 2013

Check out my review of Day 1. I doubled back to the Sands Expo on Day 2 of the Vegas fashion trade shows to check the activity at the new Liberty show. Liberty, the new project of Project founder, Sam Ben-Avraham is a contemporary men’s and dual gender apparel, footwear and accessories